About me

Karmjit Kalla

Costume Designer

Karmjit is an authenitic designer whom learnt all the essentials on the job. She has gained invaluable experience, working with top producers and up and coming directors. Karmjit's work has been featured on BBC news as well as various web platforms. Karmjit loves her job and believes that every day is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Karmjit enjoys working and leading a team to get the reults required. Please use the contact form to contact her in person.


Karmjit has worked on a variety of mediums, from TV to FIlm, Commercials, VT's and virtual reality. Karmjit has enjoyed all types of media and works her hardest.

Recently Karmjit designed costumes for Derren Browns' Ghost Train, a virtual reality them park ride.